Thursday, 22 December 2011

Uh oh!

Yesterday I came home from work feeling a bit bleurgh and headachey.
This morning I wake up with a full on cold.

Not exactly the start to Christmas I wanted, so as you can imagine I feel rather sorry for myself right now, all head pounding and bunged up.
Not even the dog wants to come near me!!!

Yesterday was quite a hectic day in work, with people buying their last minute presents for relatives and/or bargain hunting in our sale which is gradually happening (and being impossible to implement due to customers being EVERYWHERE and just generally messing up the shop).
Luckily I don't have to be there today, but will be in all day tomorrow & Saturday morning.
Oh and boxing day - sadface!

I did have a plan for what to write today, but being all ill and rubbish I have actually completely forgotten.
Probably something to do with the stupidly cheap sonic games being sold on the app store, must be rotting my brain.

Anyway, does anyone have any thoughts on hooded scarves? I have fallen in love with them but not quite sure how is the best way to wear them (do you go for a coat, or just a nice bit of knitwear to wear with one?) and also if they are a fashion yay or nay?

Asos, £7

Asos,  £16.50

Asos, £22.50, £12. Isn't that just ridiculously amazing??? It does come in different colours, but this was the best!

New Look, £19.99. It is so snuggly.

Not a hooded scarf, but I saw this in my browsing on & am smitten. £12 and also available in grey & white.

Feeling a lot of love for at the moment, especially after seeing some of their clothes at the party!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Xmas knitwear.

Last year I bought a lovely grey fairisle jumper dress, but this year I have been lacking and haven't found that special Christmas day snuggly yet.

Kind of leaving it VERY late so not sure if I will end up with one this year, suppose I could just dress up nicely as Bertie boo the destructor will be staying in Bristol for the day as its a lot of upheaval and excitement for just one day.

However, I do have a few snuggly things I am tempted by!

Isla Reindeer Fairisle Cardigan, £25 from

Pretty fairisle that doesn't have a nice swish sounding name (think I would have preferred it in green), £24.99 from H&M.

The most amazing jumper EVER! £28 from Dorothy Perkins.

This one has caught my eye for a while, something to do with the pricetag I think! £290, Marc by Marc Jacobs, sold at the rather lovely Garment Quarter!

I did have a few more to post, but a certain hungry puppy has told me that I am late providing his dinner!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

More dressing up & making an effort!

So after the crazy antics of friday night, last night was my work xmas party.
Dressing up two nights in a row? Actually unheard of in my book!

Sadly I didn't have the sense (or the battery) to take any photos of what I wore last night, which is a massive shame as I was very dolled up for me.
One of the girls I work with is amazing with hair while another is a qualified beautician, so they had a lot of fun doing me up properly.

So as we were going out for a proper meal this year, I decided to dress a bit more sedate than our drinking filled antics from last year.
So last night I wore:
Dress: £22.99 (I also own it in navy, but I knew someone else was wearing the navy, and it gave me chance to wear green shoes!)

Shoes: £12.99 (also come in black & nude)

Teamed with the same clutch and jacket from my outfit on friday night & my pandora bracelet.
Sorry guys but no prizes for where the outfit was all bought from!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Needing to get my act together!

Well last night I was lucky enough to be taken along to the xmas bloggers party In Bristol with my bestie Char. Char has been doing a lot of photo shoots for the website (which is how she got in!) and she got me in with her!

I met lots of fantastic people there, Char caught up with a lot of the girls she had done shoots with and we got rather drunk on Cosmos!

There was a catwalk show with items from (some REALLY amazing dresses on there!) & obligatory goodie bag.
When I get chance I will be taking photos of the contents of the bag, but with a hyperactive pug on the loose, probably not wise right now, but it was just such an amazing night!

I did however find it kind of embarrassing when people kept coming up to me asking if I was a blogger & telling them no!
Which is why I need to get my game on. :)

One of the things inside the goodie bag was a mini boohoo magazine which I shall now be worshipping as they had a very very special item of clothing which jumped out at me.

]\''''''''''''''''''p[;] - Just to prove my point, that was Bertie's input irn todays post, he does seem to be rather obsessed with running over keyboards!./;l, 1q§nby7 everytime he does this I would delete, but he is being too cute today so it gets to stay in!

Anyway, that special little something was a navy christmas onesie which typically has now disappeared from the website, but it was called Rach.
Could that have been any more perfect?! I promise to get a photo of it from my magazine later.

Lastly, what I wore last night:

Waterfall blazer: £24.99 from New Look.
Dress: £3 reduced from £40 last year! From New Look limited edition range.
Clutch: £12.99 from New Look (starting to see a pattern emerging eh?)
Bracelet: £ too expensive to think about from Pandora.
Heels: £19.99 last year from New Look.

Photo was taken by one of the lovely ladies from the event last night, not entirely sure but was taken from the So I think it may have been by @ChloeLeePhoto!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Bertie Boo & a bit of a shock to the system!

As we all know by now (anyone out there that still even bothers checking to see if I write anything) I am just hopeless with blogs. Utterly useless with the updating.

I only actually logged on to check to see if I had a photo of a dress I had bought sometime last year as I needed to show it to a friend and it turns out flicking back through my posts is a VERY depressing thing to do. Always knew I was a bit miserable but bloody hell I didn't quite realise I was that bad until now!

Anyway, last month I finally fulfilled a long time desire and bought myself a pug!
A couple of months ago I met a handsome pug outside my store and it just completely rekindled my need for one. He was actually the first pug I had ever met in real life, but he was so perfect!
So now I have my own little monkey called Bertie, or Bertie Boo as his pedigree name.
I didn't think I could actually love anything as much as I love my little Boo, completely infatuated with him. Everyone else who has met him seems to have also fallen in love with his cute little face too!

Work life is doing fine, this close to Christmas and I am not even stressed! Shows how brilliant my manager is, unlike the woman who was running my store last year!!!

Looking forward to Christmas, even though I will literally be home with my family for 1 day as both myself & Rob are working Christmas eve and boxing day!

At least we have new years off together to spend in Wales with Boo! x

Monday, 29 August 2011

Uhh.. Well I suppose it has been a while!

Somehow I managed to forget that I even owned a blog, only being reminded today when I had a lovely little earthquake caused by my blackberry to tell me that someone lovely had sent me a comment.

This made me twig that I haven't said anything in several months *hits self with stick*

So here is a round up of what is going on (& recently gone on) in my little world!

Work: Same old, same old. We have our lovely manager back to running the shop which has relieved an awful lot of stress from my life. Our little shop seems to be on a precarious little rope at the moment, but shall have to wait and see how it all plays out.
However, the shop is filled with an awful lot of mustard coloured stuff at the moment.
I look like a freaking idiot in mustard!

Homelifesortofstuff: Absolutely gagging for a holiday, we were hoping to have gone somewhere nice and sunny in July, but it just didn't take off the ground, so the next patch of holiday time to plan something starts in..... 4 days. Somehow I can't see us jetting off anywhere then either!
We did get offered the chance to holiday in Sydney as we have a friend who has rented a house out there for 3 weeks right next to the beach, but we have a week off. £1000 for a flight for a week? I am so not feeling that. If it had been two weeks then fair enough!

My brother in law is currently on a flight back to Colorado as we speak, the poor sod has been living over here for 2 years, jobless and bored to death, so I suppose it was only fair for him to go home and actually have a life.
My sister now has to wait for months for her Visa to clear before she can go out and live there too.

*fingers crossed she is out there by february*
For my own selfish reasons of course, as Colorado is pretty damn close to Vegas... we also have 2 weeks off in February, so the flying out there will be worthwhile!
But it is very strange knowing that I won't be getting any random texts at 5am anymore...

In other news, it is my birthday on Saturday. Grand old age of 22!

Obviously there has been more crap going on in my little bubble, but the above is enough to bore anyone to sleep for now!

Friday, 27 May 2011

A little bit of....

positive thinking!

As soon as I started writing, I remembered that I had forgotten to pick up a euromillions ticket for tonight (major fail).

That little bit of negativity aside.....!

Yesterday I had to make a trek up near Stoke on Trent for some work related training, apart from the ridiculously early morning it was a very good experience for me.
Meeting some local managers, learning new things, sharing some concerns, getting some good old fashioned guidance from those who know what they are on about.

I may have mentioned some things that may not have been so wise to mention after all, but I feel it is stuff that needed to get off my chest, I carry too much worry around with me and too much panic.

Currently, my only concerns are that what I may have mentioned yesterday will not have stayed in the group (hopefully not, if not will end up being more than just a concern!) and another issue which is ongoing anyway and nothing can be done about.

For me this is a step in the right direction, will just try rather hard not to take 2 steps backwards!

Hoping that yesterday will end up being a turning point for the better in regards to work and just help in the ongoing battle to keep my spirits high!

Being slightly naughty now and putting off the weekly jaunt to the gym!